September 25, 2023
The Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist

Jan 31, 2019

Introduction-oldKomal Lath hails from a  business family that originally is from the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. However, unlike her father and uncles, who are involved in businesses ranging from garments and wires and cables to real estate and defence, Komal has chosen to make her mark in the media industry.

“I started my business at the age of 25, having worked in the PR and marketing field from the time I was 17,” says Komal, who has a degree in mass media, a postgraduate degree in communications from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) and has done an online course in anthropology from Oxford. While studying for her master’s at MICA, she worked for VITCOM Consulting, a sister concern of Vaishnavi Corporate Communications, after which she dabbled in film marketing, before founding Tute Consult in 2010, with just a telephone and savings of ₹ 5,000.

Tute Consult has grown since then from a stand-alone PR agency to an integrated communications set-up, with a client list that ranges from corporate giants like Godrej to brands like Metro Shoes, Caratlane, etc. It also has a team of 30 dedicated thinkers, writers and designers working for it, thanks to Komal’s efforts to build her company, create a powerhouse of like-minded people and excel in the work they do. “We now have an office in Dubai through a partnership and our flagship office is in Mumbai,” she says. “At Tute, we offer PR, content and brand solutions across different verticals.”

Given Komal’s growth aspirations, the best perhaps is still to come for Tute. As its chief maven, who specialises in brand communication, strategic counselling and public relations, Komal’s mission is to grow, innovate and become a world-class organisation.

Away from the world of enterprise, Komal loves to travel, go glamping and read to rejuvenate. She currently lives in Mumbai with her husband, Subhamoy Das, who works for a multinational company.