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Industrialist Mahavirprasad Ramkumar Morarka’s life is both inspiring and motivating. On his centenary, son Kamal Morarka reminisces about the many facets of the man that made him a pioneering industrialist, a litterateur, a writer, a traditionalist and, most of all, a cherished father

A burning passion for all that he held dear, an intense sense of purpose, a firebrand patriot, an indefatigable warrior—these are traits that best characterise Ramnath Goenka, the architect of the Indian Express Group, who was loathed and respected in equal measure by the high and mighty among whom he lived and strode with pride and courage. This essay is in tribute to the unforgettable baron of the fourth estate whose life was as much an enigma as a celebration of patriotism, freedom of speech, raw courage and a never-say-die spirit.