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In India, weddings are a lavish affair, but Marwari weddings are famous for taking them to another level altogether. Marwari weddings are typified by …

The state of Rajasthan offers a perfect blend of scenic splendour with exciting encounters in the wild.

From exchanging wedding vows on serene beaches or in the middle of turquoise seas to illuminating monumental mansions that glimmer like a bejewelled adornment of the bride, Marwari weddings have undergone a sea change. MARWAR brings you luxurious wedding destinations that help you transform your wedding into a truly fairy tale affair.

The story of Padma Shri Awardee Bimla Poddar is a classic case of woman proposing and God disposing. She may have made plans to spend her advanced years quietly on the banks of the Ganges in the holy town of Kashi, but Baba Vishwanath, she explains, had other plans for her.

From exchanging rings against the setting sun to exchanging vows in a heritage palace, weddings today are elevating the opulence and fun quotient with every passing season. With a gamut of options, MARWAR brings to you four top luxurious wedding destinations in the country. Let your dream of a fairy tale wedding come true!

In India, weddings are an extravagant affair, but Marwari weddings are known to elevate this grandeur manifold. The sheer scale of a wedding and the lavish hospitality and glamour that surrounds it demands that no stone is left unturned when it comes to festivity, entertainment, decor, location and food. MARWAR talks to members of the community to find out how one ensures that the sheer extravagance of a wedding does not steal attention from its ritualistic aspects.

Significant observations on the journey of a marriage and an adoring portrayal of an extraordinary woman make She & Me, Padma Shri Bhavarlal H Jain’s memoir of his devoted wife Kantabai, a remarkable read.


From an aspiring painter to a traditional housewife to an accomplished jewellery designer, Varda Goenka has worn many hats. But at the end of it all, what continues to hold her zeal and passion is her penchant for jewellery designing and promoting her Diagold brand that now is a global name with outlets in India, the Middle East and London. In a first-person account, the ace designer talks about her Marwari upbringing, her nostalgic trips to Rajasthan and its unforgettable attractions, her journey to success and fame and her bespoke collections that are a hit with all.