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Pheras In Heaven
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Pheras In Heaven

Nov 11, 2014

The-Leela-Palace-Udaipur---6_wpA wedding lasts for only a day across most cultures. In India, however, where we have an affinity for larger-than-life celebrations and festivities, it can go on for even a week, especially if it is a Marwari wedding.







art_1The Marwari community is known to come together and celebrate marriages by spending extravagant amounts of money unapologetically on splendidly decadent preparations that leave no stone unturned in impressing guests.

Invitation cards adorned with gold and silver, fleets of vintage cars for the baraatis to travel in, parties which are hosted across the globe—the list is endless and the Marwaris have done it all.

Taj-Falaknuma-Palace_Couple_Image_wpA wedding may be held in Florence, but the flowers are flown in from the Netherlands; Thai masseurs are fast becoming a staple at American galas where they are meant to pamper guests; and a wedding in Scotland could well incorporate local traditions like cèilidh dancing or bagpipes, but what’s a sangeet without Bollywood? The themes may range from larger-than-life to eco-friendly options, but the central idea is to always ensure that the experience is a special one—and stress-free—for the guests and hosts alike!

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