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Celebrating Good Deeds

Marwari families are known to be actively involved in acts of philanthropy and adoption of green practices. MARWAR spoke to entrepreneurs and professionals from the community to find out how true they were to these laudatory practices this Diwali.

A man known for his warmth and camaraderie that transcended party lines, Deora was much loved and respected by all.

ShashiSumeet Productions, has given us TRP-toppers like Diya Aur Baati Hum, Punar Vivaah and Tumhari Paakhi, and is on every television actor’s wish list.

For late social activist and diamond merchant, Kishore V Khimawat, planting trees in his home state, Rajasthan, was just the tip of the iceberg.


Author Ashwin Sanghi opens up about adding a non-fiction title to his repertoire, teaming up with noted suspense writer James Patterson and the fate of commercial writing in India.

The flame of the World Peace Flame Foundation will now make its way to India for the first time, thanks to young Divyesh Bhandari’s Bangalore Peace Project.

Prerna Gupta interestingly has done a volte-face, meandering away from a marketing and PR stint in the family firm to pursue her long-time passion of writing.

A preview of au courant offerings from the world of luxury

A Marwari firm which stayed put in the inhospitable Thar and achieved much entrepreneurial success was Rai Bahadur Bansilal Abirchand, whose greatest architect, Sir Kasturchand Daga, deserves nothing short of a glowing tribute.


Meet the candid Ravi Poddar whose steely determination has ensured that he comes out on top despite the many storms that have rocked his businesses and personal life.


In a first-person account for MARWAR, Himani Dalmia, a scion of one of India’s oldest industrial families, talks about her ongoing journey as a student of Hindustani classical music.

MARWAR talks to parents from the community and finds that values of patriotism are often instilled early on to ensure that the future generation develops a positive attitude towards their culture and country …

Décor and accessories that imbue character to your living spaces

Thomas A Timberg’s latest work, The Marwaris: From Jagat Seth to the Birlas, explores the reasons for the phenomenal success of Marwaris, while tracing their transformation from traders to business tycoons.