September 30, 2023
Home’n Hearth: New Design Inspirations For The Season
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Home’n Hearth: New Design Inspirations For The Season

Aug 21, 2023

Decor & Accessories That Imbue Character To Living Spaces


Enjoy having a deck outside your home where you can unwind and spend time with your loved ones? Check this stunning, classic and durable outdoor flooring that uplifts your décor. The large decking range comes with outdoor floorings that are designed ergonomically to create a non-slippery surface with a good grip for wet areas and can be installed as a composite deck flooring at a beach.


The Grandera Collection is classic, extravagant, and contemporary, and its inspiration comes from the iconic and timeless Eiffel Tower. The collection also features understated nods to the timeless game of chess, bringing disparate traditions together in a single harmonious design. A remarkable variety of hardy fixtures, thermostats, showers, accessories, and excellent ceramics are available.

The Orby House

Make your home décor instagrammable with wholesome creations that bring refinement to the interiors of your living spaces. These timelessly elegant yet contemporary home decor pieces with a focus on streamlined form, ornamentation and intricate detailing with beautifully handcrafted products ranging from dinnerware, barware, candles, planters and ceramic decor, lend a warm makeover.

American Standard

The Spalet collection includes beautifully crafted shower toilets and electronic bidet seats with pampering spa-like functions to provide superior personal hygiene right in your own home. The hygiene features include Dual Nozzle, Posterior Cleansing, Feminine Air Bubble Soft Cleansing, Deodoriser, Anti-Bacterial Protection, Nozzle Shutter and Auto Drain System. The collection has an Instant Heating System, Quick- Detach design and One-Touch Power Saver.


Add sophistication to the radiating vibe with cushions defined by rich hand embroideries on lustrous fabrics. Scatter them on outdoor chairs, sofas or rugs to create a plush and comfortable spot. Compliment them with coasters for your drinks and runners for your sumptuous spread to host a great evening. These are a luxury to cherish.

Sage Living

Wa Bespoke label’s The Enso collection is an innovative edit of captivating furniture where Japanese Zen aesthetics embrace creative minimalism. Flowy and soft, harmonious and unpretentious, it evokes a lasting sense of wonder and creates elegance, drawing from the central tenets of the wabi-sabi principles: fukinsei (asymmetry), kanso (simplicity), shizen (natural), yugen (subtly profound grace).

The Great Eastern Home

Portuguese or Iberian furniture of the pre-modern period is much coveted as luxury items across the world. This collection varies from intricately carved tables and chairs to Baroque sideboard, Walnut wood bar cabinet, Portuguese Chest, Portugal writing desk and Portuguese cabinet. The pieces are vigorously carved and native woods like walnut and oak are spurned in favour of foreign exotic woods.


A sink is the muse for the kitchen. Check out this range of Silgranit kitchen sinks and faucets. The sinks allow stress-free and convenient handling of hot pans and pots, and keep your food safe and surface easy to clean. The faucets match the look and texture of the skins. These provide health and hygiene safety, give even flow, are easy to clean and provide adjustment of water quantity and temperature.