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Through his novels, entrepreneur-cum-author Manoj V Jain delves into the yearnings of the human soul, its intricacies and how human relationships are

The story of the plight of migrant workers is not new, who head for the city for work, where they are often exploited or denied of their rights and dues.

Graves are meant to mark the end of one’s earthly journey. For Padma Shri Gulabo Sapera, it ironically marked the beginning.

Vaibhav Kothari was born Deaf, but there is little lacking in him by way of accomplishments, be it in terms of academics or careering. In that,


It was a desire to create art and bridge the gap between artists and buyers that prompted Aradhana Dalmia to start The Artemist, in Kolkata, in 2016.


Guns and girls don’t go together, so goes the general perception in Indian society. Fighting gender biases such as these can be a herculean task as Olympian