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Feast While You Fast This Navratri
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Feast While You Fast This Navratri

Oct 2, 2019

The auspicious nine days of Navratri are celebrated with full devotion and reverence. Some devotees observe an austere nine-day fast during the period to pay tribute to the goddess, consuming  only  satvik food to purify their minds and bodies. This implies  abstinence from certain  ingredients and subsisting on milk, fruits, preparations of flours like rajgira and buckwheat or kuttu and singhara or water chestnut. Though this reduces variety and restricts the menu, one doesn’t need to compromise with flavours.  A few restaurants, in fact, make  fasting easier with delicious offerings , through a specially curated menu for the nine days. So go ahead, binge this Navratri at some of the best picks of the season!

Masala Bay, Mumbai

Masala Bay, a signature Indian restaurant at Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai, is hosting a festival of temple cuisine throughout the nine days of Navaratri this year,  offering foods of the gods from  well-known temples across India like Vaishno Devi, Golden Temple and Jagannath Temple. Chef Sartaj Qureshi, who is behind the innovate  thalis on offer at Masala Bay, brings you  traditional, indigenous foods enriched with antiseptic herbs, spices and natural fragrances that are meant to satisfy the heart and the soul.

Taftoon, Mumbai


Taftoon, likewise, takes you on a gastronomic trip, serving the visually appealing and delectable falhari thali during Navratri. Available only during the lunch hour, the restaurant serves Bhunja Shakark and Chaat, Pani Phal Sabu Tikki, scrumptious Chatpatta Paneer Tikka,  Falhari Pakoras and  Bihari Makhana Kheer for sweet lovers, besides.

Kiyan, Delhi

Kiyan at The Roseate, New Delhi makes your fast a feast with its enticing fare. Among its offerings are Badam ki Tikki,  Kaffir Lime Paneer Tikka with Pineapple Chutney, Khatta Meetha Petha, Chironji ki Dal, Samak Anardana Pulao, Green Apple and Mint Raita and an interesting  Cherry Tomato Halwa for dessert. The dishes are so delicious that even those who are not fasting will want to sample  the food, even if it be satvik food.

Daniell’s Tavern, Delhi  

Daniell’s Tavern, Delhi offers lip smacking food with a classy ambience, making it a unique fine dining experience. Devour a wholesome meal at the restaurant with Sabudana kheer, Samak ki khichdi, Pethe ki sabzi, jeera aaloo, palak paneer, kuttu ke pakode aur poodi, kaju badaam ki sabzi, paneer tikka, sabudana tikki and more.

Maziga, Bangalore  

Maziga is known for its modern Indian cuisine, and this Navratri, they have introduced delicacies to their exotic thali. Maziga  believes that well-being is about eating whole-heartedly, and accordingly will feature mouth-watering satvik food on its menu like Kuttu Ki Kadhi, Soma Rice, Koottu Paratha, Suran and Aloo Seekh Kabab and Kesar Pista Lassi, to name a few.

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