September 21, 2023

Fate & Fortune

Feb 9, 2015

Resist the urge to splurge during this festive season and save up for a rainy day. Unexpected health problems may arise. Avoid anything untoward by taking steps towards good health. Stay hydrated, eat healthy and walk or do yoga. Your strong drive to succeed will push you to achieve many things. You will do well in positions of power or in the field of politics.
Tarot tip: Watch out for overindulgence in food, drink and money. Spend your resources wisely.
Gemstone: Emerald Colour: White

You may come by a large fortune by way of inheritance from family or an unexpected windfall. New relationships will blossom, and you will have the opportunity to explore new avenues and strengthen old relationships. This is a time for new beginnings. A new business venture initiated in February will have great potential to bring you financial gains.
Tarot tip: Do not ignore others’ emotional needs. These are important and can change the course of a relationship adversely if ignored. A subtle, thoughtful gesture, gift or word is all it takes to show your love and affection.
Gemstone: Blue sapphire Colour: Blue

The turn of the year will bring good fortune. On the personal front, watch out for betrayal: a close friend or trusted family member may spread gossip or slander. At work, your beliefs will be challenged. Stick to your guns and press on with what you believe. Success will follow eventually. Health-wise, you are doing well. Old ailments may persist or recur.
Tarot tip: Those who are constantly complaining or cribbing will influence you negatively, affecting your personal success. Avoid such people and surround yourself with positive-minded ones.
Gemstone: Aquamarine Colour: Blue and black

For you, this is the perfect time to find clarity in life. You might be led on to unusual paths. Follow your instincts and interests, but always keep a backup plan ready. Try not to be critical of yourself; the constant criticism inhibits you from realising your full potential. Many social events are on the cards.
Tarot tip: Find the time to remove clutter from your personal and work spaces. Letting go of the old will help make room and allow the new to come to you.
Gemstone: Yellow topaz Colour: White and orange

Unexpected expenses, such as from illness or supporting a relative or friend in need, are highly likely; so make sure that you think twice before splurging or making big spends this season. Those who work steady jobs will receive perks and adulation for tasks well done. Those of you who own businesses will experience a sudden surge and movement after a slow phase.
Tarot tip: Focus on your health during the turn of the season. A good start would be to pick an activity (such as a martial art) and a dietary change (swearing off cheese) and following them diligently.
Gemstone: Diamond Colour: White, pink and purple

It’s time for you to settle down. Focus on keeping quiet, mature company. This is a time to turn inward in contemplation, reassess your abilities and weaknesses, and plan for the year ahead. Health-wise, all is well. There will be a chance of travel. At work, things will pick up and settle down to a steady pace. New projects are less likely during this period.
Tarot tip: You may feel restless; take time out to start a new hobby or pursue an old one.
Gemstone: Garnet Colour: Blue

You may have had concerns about financial matters over the past few months or even years. As the new year dawns, it is finally time to breathe a sigh of relief. Financial difficulties will get resolved, starting this January. Work will progress fast and well, and the new year will bring interesting projects that you will have the chance to spearhead. On the personal front, prepare for good news and cheer all around. You may unexpectedly travel for pleasure, such as for an unplanned family vacation.
Tarot tip: The cards suggest that creative juices are at a maximum. Channel them by writing, cooking or indulging in other crafts.
Gemstone: Opal Colour: Yellow

There will be a sudden lull in energy levels. You may feel physically ill or just too depressed and reluctant to do much. Things will turn in a month’s time and you will start feeling brighter and more hopeful again. At work, you will lead and manage people and projects, and will be required to play the mediator between difficult people.
Tarot tip: Focus on the positive. You have well-wishers, but they may not help if you do not communicate your feelings to them first. Seek help from family and friends.
Gemstone: Carnelian Colour: Violet and black

Life may be chaotic during the first part of January. You’ll have the opportunity to reorganise and take stock once things settle down at the end of the month. There will be some miscommunication at the workplace. Your children will excel in whatever they do.
Tarot tip: Resist the temptation of running away from your problems. Instead, stay calm, apologise, accept your mistake and figure out how to prevent it from happening again in the future.
Gemstone: Cat’s eye Colour: Maroon

This period will bear fruit at work. You will get credit for past work, and audits will be ruled in your favour. You will be noticed by important people at work. Long-term financial investments, such as in property, are advised. This is a turbulent time for relationships.
Tarot tip: The cards advise you to keep your calm and not react impulsively in adverse situations. Resist the urge to indulge in the blame game. You will pave the way for smoother relationships by handling them with maturity.
Gemstone: Pearl Colour: White and red

There will be considerable healthy competition from your peers; it is time to rise up to the challenge and prove your mettle. You may be put in a spot at work. Use your charm and make sure you communicate your ideas without beating around the bush. Family will take precedence in this period. Expect to spend quality time with them. Short leisure trips and family visits are on the cards.
Tarot tip: Do not avoid confrontation. It will only complicate matters further. Use a straightforward and honest approach and you will achieve good results.
Gemstone: Moonstone Colour: Pink

Legal matters will progress quickly. Court cases will resolve in your favour. Be wary of people at work; there may be some who are trying to use you. Be cautious about revealing too much information to anyone, and do not work for others without being paid or credited for it in advance. Do not take any major financial decision during this phase.
Tarot tip: Count your blessings and thank the Universe through charitable deeds or an act of kindness towards someone in need.
Gemstone: Ruby Colour: Indigo