May 30, 2023
Fate & Fortune

Fate & Fortune

May 8, 2023


Don’t try to manifest your need to be the top dog now; anything you can do to gain a bit of anonymity is a smart idea. If you try to push your own agenda, your words are likely to backfire on you. Without a bit of self-restraint, you could put others off. Everyone will understand your intentions even if you don’t try so hard. You may be licking your wounds this month, especially if your friends think you should be living a less complicated life.

Tarot tip: You have drawn the Moon card and the 3 of Pentacles. Be wary of people who try to be extra friendly and gain extra privileges.

Gemstone: Moonstone Colour: Grey


You may feel somewhat detached from your own needs and this can make it difficult for others to get along with you. On the surface, it may appear that you are ready to work closely with others, yet your dissatisfaction comes across. You will be restless and rude. Your card 6 of Swords suggests you don’t waste time talking about what you’re going to do; instead, you just do it.

Tarot Tip: Your cards indicate a new way of thinking. You will put in a lot of effort to see your work through.

Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire Colour: Silver


With the Temperance card in your trio, you may not be driven to engage in edgy conversations, which is good, so ensure you keep it that way. You may think that you have nothing to lose by telling others what you truly think. Nevertheless, it is a smart idea to be cautious. Don’t say anything that you might quickly regret. You are in a good space to be given a good promotion.

Tarot Tip: Your cards indicate that you are in for big changes, but it is a while before they start to unfold.

Gemstone: Agate Colour: Navy Blue


It can be a real challenge to follow through on your obligations. For you have many activities you’d prefer doing, but the Justice card will ensure you complete the task at hand. You will spend your time daydreaming and now you have enough enthusiasm to initiate action on a strategic plan that you’ve been postponing. There’s nothing wrong with thinking big as long as you don’t let down your friends and family.

Tarot Tip: You have drawn the King of Cups, be ready for an emotional period of two months.

Gemstone: Emerald Colour: Yellow


You appear quite optimistic as is visible from the Temperance card but it is not easy for you to put your big ideas into action. You are inspired to create something extraordinary, but unexpected events at work might have you putting off this little project. If you get side-tracked into justifying your daily production, you might miss the bigger picture. Don’t worry about keeping score or measuring your progress. Just keep your eyes focused on the distant prize.

Tarot Tip: The Ace of Wands indicates that you will start something new when the magic of the universe tells you that it’s time.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz Colour: Pink


You will be on your guard right through this period. Pondering on past decisions may take up a good part of your time. It is fine to want to have your own space and time as long as you snap out of the reticent mood before the year ends. Some of you may get into a serious disagreement over a legal issue, especially for those of you who are fighting a property case.

Tarot Tip: With the Moon in your set, many of you might feel self-protective, selfindulgent and want to be distant.

Gemstone: Tourmaline Colour: Grey


Your main aim this month should be on remaining objective as is indicated by the Chariot card. Emotions will bring on uncomfortable situations and practising self-restraint might be a good quality to develop. The cards warn you against wandering off in frustration thanks to unfinished goals. Many of you might run into trouble with an authority. You need to be careful of such issues.

Tarot Tip: The King of Wands card asks you to understand your responsibilities toward your family or your team at work and take them seriously.

Gemstone: Ruby Colour: Purple


This will be a rather relaxing few months. You have drawn the Wheel of Fortune, a card that gives you more than you have worked for. It might be a good idea to plan a holiday. Ensure you do not take your work pressures and frustration home as the family might be going through an emotionally combative period. You may need to face resistance at work from a colleague. But that’s only because of your inability to learn a new task, once you accept the new role, things will flow just fine.

Tarot Tip: On the work front do not provoke an argument, the cards do not favour you as is indicated by the reverse Justice Card.

Gemstone: Fire Opal Colour: Coral


This is a period of insecurity and uncertainty. You will find it difficult to focus your attention on any one aspect of your life as there is just too much happening right now. Ensure that the complexities of relationships do not get in the way of taking up a new project at work. Plan your moves so you do not end up running around in circles wasting precious time and energy on events that will not help you reach any kind of knowledge or position gain. Once you have settled in your space, you should be able to make rapid progress at work.

Tarot Tip: Your cards indicate a great time for those associated with the media.

Gemstone: Obsidian Colour: Grey


You have drawn the 4 of Cups and the Temperance card indicative of a time where you will concentrate all your energy on fulfilling your obligations. You might spend a great amount of time daydreaming about a more leisurely job to pick up. That will never happen so it is best you try to be content with your current situation. For the unmarried it’s a good time to start off on a relationship or those in a relationship can expect a turning point in it. Cards of the month: 4 of Cups, Temperance, 8 of Cups.

Tarot Tip: Your third card is the Wheel of Fortune, the three cards together promise to shake up your life!

Gemstone: Amethyst Colour: Bluish-purple


You might be overwhelmed with the feeling that you cannot possibly finish all your tasks on hand. Although you are serious about meeting your obligations, you need to realise that worrying won’t help. You need to plan ahead, especially if you want to have time to relax later on. If you are able to stay productive, you’ll be rewarded with an enjoyable experience that you will remember for a long time. It may seem as if you have adjusted to the instability of a relationship but now you grow anxious and long for more security.

Tarot Tip: You have drawn the Ace of Swords and 8 of Pentacles which indicates, you have too many chores and too little time on hand.

Gemstone: Diamond Colour: White


You have drawn a card that indicates that instead of taking charge completely you need to share Leadership responsibilities. Naturally, there is no way to prepare for something unexpected, yet you can remind yourself to react with caution. Your tendency is to respond impulsively, yet you could add to the craziness if you don’t think about the consequences of your actions. Use positive images to inspire others, but don’t gloss over what’s important now just because it doesn’t support your vision. Tarot Tip: The Ace of Wands in your trio of cards indicates that you will express your thoughts with more power than usual so choose your words very carefully. Gemstone: Malachite Colour: Green