September 22, 2023
Fate & Fortune

Fate & Fortune

Dec 18, 2015


Good times are coming. After a long phase of hard work and tight deadlines, there may be a dramatic improvement in your situation. You will feel fresh and carefree, and discover your enthusiastic ‘carpe diem’ attitude. You will also feel the need to get in touch with friends and spend more time with family members. Travel is quite likely; this could mean travelling abroad and meeting more people.

Tarot tip: An elder or matriarchal figure will have an important influence on your life. Seek this person out and acknowledge her support.

Gemstone: Diamond Colour: Blue



A new love interest may open up, but the cards are ambiguous here—it could also mean the arrival of a baby or child in the house. At work, brilliant opportunities will present themselves and taking them up will mean new challenges. However, if you persist you are very likely to succeed. Things will calm down for you at home, and you will find yourself more grounded. Practical decisions will come to you more easily.

Tarot tip: Surround yourself with water, either in the form of art or decor, and keep yourself hydrated.

Gemstone: Topaz Colour: Yellow



Your creative juices are flowing. This is the perfect time for you to engage in new ventures, or creative endeavours and collaborations. Some good news is coming your way. When it comes to health, all is well, but the cards warn against overindulging. Legal issues may be particularly troublesome. Pay attention while signing any agreement or contract and be cautious before making commitments.

Tarot tip: Find an exciting new hobby that will allow you to exercise your creative muscle, such as dancing, hula hooping
or painting.

Gemstone: Garnet Colour: Maroon




You will be introspective and turn inwards. You are at a crossroads, and the next step you take will be a big turning of the wheel that would shape your future. You need clarity; therefore do not allow others to influence this decision. The cards suggest taking time away from everyone—family and friends included—the solitude will help you find your centre and introspect.

Tarot tip: You are carrying some emotional baggage that causes you to feel guilty and ashamed. The cards gently advise you to accept your past and forgive yourself.

Gemstone: Malachite Colour: Green




You will be surrounded with earthly pleasures and luxury. A career goal that was close to your heart will be achieved. Any work involving the law will be completed quickly. Fate shines favourably on all property dealings; this is a good time to invest in property. This season will see you planning events, entertaining many guests, and socialising and finding great joy in the experience of being a host.

Tarot tip: Things, like energy, are best utilised when passed around. Find unused, old or unwanted items in your house, and give to those who will make better use of them.

Gemstone: Pearl Colour: White



The cards speak of an emotional connection. This may either be a romantic connection through marriage or a relationship, or a deep business partnership with an old, trusted friend. The cards also speak of an important choice to be made. Trust your instincts and go with what you feel is best. An old friend or relative will give you advice when you need it most. You will recover from an old, long-standing illness.

Tarot tip: Surrounding yourself with positive people, energies and images can be a wonderful way to trigger inner healing.

Gemstone: Smoky quartz Colour: Brown



This is a month to evaluate blessings and opportunities, as well as your weaknesses. You will find that you have been holding on to too much disappointment from the past. There is much lightness in letting go of disappointments and betrayal than in holding on to them. Focus on the positives. A major transformation is on the cards. Shift your attitude and open yourself for change, as with all changes, this one is cathartic.

Tarot tip: Be a wise spender and manage your finances carefully.

Gemstone: Lapis lazuli Colour: Aquamarine



You will find yourself in the limelight. Tread carefully, because people will scrutinise your every move. On the plus side, you will enjoy the admiration from many persons. Communication is your strong forte. Once again, you will be a smooth talker, negotiating your way through sticky situations, and will be even called upon to play mediator for big deals or to clear misunderstanding between family members.

Tarot tip: The cards suggest you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Find a sacred place or haven you can retreat to and gather your energies.

Gemstone: Yellow sapphire Colour: Yellow



It has been a long and fruitful year for you. After all the hard work, allow yourself to indulge and relax a bit. The cards indicate purchase of a new vehicle. There is luck and good fortune on financial fronts this year. On the personal front, there will be a misunderstanding in the family. Take the initiative to clear any confusion, and make peace on the home front.

Tarot tip: The cards warn against impulsive decisions made in poor judgment. Seek advice before making life-altering changes.

Gemstone: Cat’s eye Colour: Orange



There will be plenty of opportunities to spend time with your loved ones and friends. Those who are single will find a love interest. On the health front, you will find a balance between diet and exercise. Those who drink alcohol should reduce its consumption, and instead hydrate with water and fresh fruit juices.
You will receive divine guidance when
times are tough; keep your mind calm and allow the divine to guide your spirit in the right direction.

Tarot tip: Keep your work close to your chest; people may try to steal credit for your hard work.

Gemstone: Citrine Colour: Violet



You will receive help from an unexpected benefactor. Your faith in something important to you will be renewed. Months of hard work will finally see results. Now is the right time to visit a place close to nature and find your balance and reconnect with Mother Earth. Take up a new personal project in your spare time, such as reading or volunteering for charity.

Tarot tip: Reconnect with friends and those who helped you in times of need. Maybe they need your help now; this is a good opportunity for you to repay their kindness.

Gemstone: Moonstone Colour: Yellow



This is a great time for your career. Your clarity and excellence at work will earn you many accolades and much praise from your clients. There is an audit on the cards, but this will proceed favourably. You will be tempted to break or bend the rules to suit yourself or your friends. Resist this temptation and you will be favourably rewarded by the Universe. Personal life will flourish and thrive with blossoming relationships, new romantic interests or great connections with old soulmates.

Tarot tip: Pay heed to your dreams and the messages they contain. Follow your intuition.

Gemstone: Emerald Colour: Green

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