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Obstacles will move out of the way and projects that were previously stuck will finally see the light of day. Those who are single will find a new partner; those who are married will re-connect with their significant other. At work, you will be praised for a job well done. Your Aries spirit will urge you to lose your temper, but you are advised to stay calm and avoid confrontation until you have all the facts.
Tarot tip: This is a time for unleashing your artistic expression through any avenue of your choice, be it photography, painting or craft. You will find art therapeutic.
Gemstone: Blue sapphire Colour: Sky blue


You may have to deal with finances or other assets shared with a colleague or spouse. Your intuitive ability is very high at the moment; it is a great time to channel this into work and investments. You may find that you are able to express yourself more creatively, which will leave you more satisfied at the end of the day. You will be challenged to go beyond your past limitations and push yourself.
Tarot tip: Stay hydrated and watch your calories. The cards warn against a tendency to overindulge.
Gemstone: Emerald Colour: Green


Your practical side takes over during this period and many of your commitments will reach fruition. This is a highly satisfying time. Make sure you make the most of this raw energy by using it to tick everything off your personal bucket list. Unexpected change and sudden travel are on the cards. Health-wise, there are no major concerns, but be forewarned about bone-related issues and injuries.
Tarot tip: Opportunities for growth will present themselves at work. You will achieve accolades if you take advantage of these opportunities.
Gemstone: Ruby Colour: Red


This is the start of an exciting end to a very eventful year. The next two months will demand channeling of your energy and actions towards your deeper purpose. Listen to your gut feeling; it will help you immensely in achieving your ambitions. This is a period for action; results will follow much later. You are learning to be yourself in a way that permits others in, without losing your own sense of destiny.
Tarot tip: There will be a tendency to be overly imaginative. Consult an older friend or mentor for all major plans so that you stay grounded.
Gemstone: Pearl Colour: White


New energies enter your life in the form of new relationships. Several challenges on the relationship front can be expected, but try to persist with love and patience as this will help forge deep, meaningful connections with people. Expect to spend time with close family members and friends this season and reconnect with some acquaintances. A benevolent soul will come your way and provide unconditional help when you need it the most.
Tarot tip: Focus on your innermost self before you address others’ problems to improve your outer environment and circumstances.
Gemstone: Amethyst Colour: Violet


During this period, you need to focus on shared assets, inheritance, loans and debts. Find out how to bring together your resources. In business, you will feel the need to seek out a partner. If you already have one, your partner will play a vital role in resolving imbalances in financial affairs and bringing your business back in order. Relationships will flourish and bloom. There is a chance of travel.
Tarot tip: The cards call for trust and commitment in all dealings. Have faith that everything will be perfect and that the Universe will deliver.
Gemstone: Cat’s eye Colour: White


In the next two months, Librans will experience the results of their karma. Material abundance and family bliss are indicated. In legal matters, seek expert advice to make sure your contracts and dealings are in order. Declutter your desk and your home to let go of the old and make way for the new. A vacation may be necessary to break the monotony at home.
Tarot tip: Watch your diet and include a simple evening walk in your daily routine.
Gemstone: Opal Colour: Indigo


You will be more reliant on your significant other. You will bond with workmates during this time and find that they can help you learn and grow. There may be some people looking to steal your credit or betray you, so keep your secrets close to your heart.
Tarot tip: Lines of communication will open up during this phase. Reach out to old friends and family, and resolve any disputes and disagreements of the past to clear the air.
Gemstone: Carnelian Colour: Orange


This period calls for making positive lifestyle changes. Take up a healthy diet and practise a martial art or yoga for peace. You might want to discard any habits that don’t serve in the best interests of your health. This time, there is no room for procrastination. Circumstances will be such that you will be forced to get your hands dirty and toil to get the job done. Overall, this is an extremely satisfying, albeit exhausting, period.
Tarot tip: If your job is causing you too much stress and is not as rewarding as it used to be, it is time to accept that it is not worth it and start looking for other options.
Gemstone: Garnet Colour: Maroon


You will bond with an acquaintance over common circumstances and values. You will find exciting new things to do and meet different and interesting people. There may be a tendency to overwork yourself. It is important to stop and smell the roses. Some of your problems may not be as bad as you think they are and it may help to get perspective. Focus your energies on charitable work till the end of this year.
Tarot tip: The cards call for an open and accepting frame of mind.
Gemstone: Citrine Colour: Yellow


You may feel a lack of support or a feeling of despair. However, even though it feels like all is lost right now, your situation will look up soon. So hang in there. Expect to attend many parties and get-togethers, either pre-planned or spontaneous. Property matters will come to the forefront. Investing in fixed assets during this time is recommended.
Tarot tip: You will feel resentful towards other people. The cards advise not to compare yourself to others. Instead, focus on your personal progress.
Gemstone: Diamond Colour: Silver


Life is smooth-sailing for Pisceans. It is time to accept any changes that come your way. There is also a need to let go of past baggage from old relationships. Holding on to the past will only cause more pain than it is worth, and will impede healing of relationships. Find a partner who will support your creative or artistic endeavours and you will achieve business success.
Tarot tip: You may be putting in more efforts than required. Seek support of a close friend to evaluate your life so that you can find ways to conserve your energy.
Gemstone: Blue sapphire Colour: Green