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When it comes to modern-day sports cars, the F-Type is easily one of the most beautiful. A descendant of the legendary E-Type, its long bonnet and sloping roofline that merges with the wide rear haunch creates a gorgeous stance that is admirable from any angle. The new-for-2018 LED headlights sharpen up its British sport-tuxedo, and while all variants of the Jaguar F-Type range are near-identical from the outside, the only differentiation comes from their exhaust muffler. The V8 gets four pipes, the V6 gets two, while the 2.0-litre R-Dynamic Coupe receives a large single central unit finished in chrome.

Features that spell comfort

The 2.0 R-Dynamic portrays itself as a Sport-GT, rather than an outright sports car, giving equal priority to comfort and performance. There is supple leather with contrast stitching everywhere, along with 12-way adjustable seats, dual zone climate control and temperature-controlled seats. Jaguar has been constantly updating the F-Type range, and for 2018, the F-Type comes with a new infotainment system that is more fluid and intuitive than the previous iteration.

A smooth ride

It’s when you push down the pulsating start/stop button that the 2.0-litre Jag, for the first time, shows itself differently than its larger-engined counterparts. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine fires up to life with a hum rather than the burble of the V6 or V8. Unlike the V8 F-Type that twitches and feels snappy under hard acceleration, the 2.0 R-Dynamic pulls off cleanly, all the way up to its top speed of 250 kmph. With 296 hp on tap, the 2.0 maintains a decent acceleration, reaching 100 kmph in 5.7 seconds as claimed.

Copes well with corners

Unlike the V6 and V8, the 2.0 R-Dynamic is not eager to break traction while powering out of corners. It’s the twisty roads where the 2.0 R-Dynamic really comes to life. You can push it hard. Further assurance comes from the incredibly-balanced suspensions, that, while being passive across the 2.0 range, allow for the least amount of body roll when flicking it through corners, while at the same time being supremely forgiving on bad surfaces. While the 296 hp, four-cylinder engine might not be an absolute rocket on straight roads, it never feels short on power. In fact, the engine translates to more usable power that can be extracted most of the time.

Unnerved by bad roads

Driving back and forth between Mumbai and Pune roads, which by far are among the worst in the country in terms of traffic and road quality, the 2.0 R-Dynamic stays very composed. Despite having a nose that extends into the next time zone, the car hardly struggles to keep all corners in check. Also, the suspensions that now have 52 kg lesser weight to lug around (due to the smaller engine) ensure that no undulations come crashing through the cabin, resulting in fewer nerve-racking moments on the roads.

When less is more

The Jaguar F-Type 2.0 R-Dynamic Coupe is one of the very few cars where downsizing has resulted in an exciting product. While it takes away from the hair-raising thrill of the larger engines, the smaller engine balances performance, comfort and day-to-day usability much better. Simply put, the car is the most well-rounded, downsized package that money can buy.