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The Prabha Khaitan Foundation, established in 1987 by Dr Prabha Khaitan, continues to promote performing arts, literature and cultural activities.

In India, wide disparities exist as far as health-care facilities and infrastructure are concerned between the cities and relatively backward villages. For the country’s …

Left: Hanwant Singh Rathore (second from right) posing with some of his team members at Camel Charisma. Award-winning German veterinarian Dr Ilse Kohler-Rollefson’s visit …

Apart from offering soothing, rejuvenating weekend getaways amidst pastoral settings, Damodar Farms serves as a modern, scientific centre for dissemination of knowledge about cow breeding and the beneficence of the panchagavya, especially cow urine and dung.


The Society for Rational Development (SFORD) works towards holistic development in the villages of western Rajasthan, under the leadership of Manish Mundra and Dr Sunil Nahar. MARWAR brings you their inspiring story.

Keen to address the water scarcity issue of what once used to be the home of their forefathers, the Dalmia family decided to set up a non-government, non-political and non-profit organisation.

In order to develop the neighbouring areas and aid the locals, the Ranthambhore Foundation was established as a registered non-governmental organisation in 1987.

A walk through kolkata’s Amherst Street, or Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani as it is now called, evokes a deep sense of nostalgia. Among its …

The Phoenix and Palladium malls, which her family own, may epitomise consumerism, but Amla Ruia, wife of Ashok Ruia, prefers to devote her time and resources to those who need her expertise and energy. MARWAR meets the altruist to find out more about her laudable efforts to bring water to the parched villages of Rajasthan.

Alarmingly, a huge chunk of India’s population still remains insulated from education, even though it is seen as a key factor on which so many other developmental issues remain hinged. Among the glittering forward-thinking minds who have recognised and striven to address this burning issue are the founders of the Rajasthani Sammelan,
a public charitable trust established in Malad, Mumbai, in 1948. Today, the trust shines as a beacon of hope for many with its commendable effort to enlighten young minds.