June 2, 2023
Marrying Outside the Community -Part II
Marwar Perspectives

Marrying Outside the Community -Part II

Dec 21, 2019

As with so many other aspects of the traditional Marwari way of life, marriages too have seen change over time. Though most Marwaris continue to be traditional when it comes to marriage, there are quite a few who today are seen to marry outside the community. MARWAR finds out from eminent members of the community what they feel about this changing way of life. To read more perspectives about Gender Equality visit here.

Anjali Saraogi

Marriages outside the community in the Marwari society is a natural, positive and progressive way of life. Traditionally, in orthodox Marwari families, the youth were brought up with the belief that arranged marriages were the only way of life. Women were meant to be homemakers and were not encouraged to pursue a career or passion.
Our society is more open now. The youth (both male and female) are better educated, well-travelled and exposed to different cultures. They are now challenging old normsโ€”be it in choice of career or lifestyle. Women are more financially independent.
Hence it is natural that the youth will be the key decision makers in choosing their life partner. Parents should accept this and trust that the values imparted will help their children make good decisions in life. Expecting the youth to conform to old norms is impractical, and could lead to misunderstandings and unhappy relationships. Diversity is always healthy and marriage should be a choice of the two concerned individuals.

“Earlier, the Marwari community was very close-knit, but with time they have become more inclusive” says Sheena Agarwaal.ย Read more about other perspectives here.ย 

Anand Saraf

It is rightly said that change is the only constant in life. Indian tradition and value system has undergone a lot of change over time. While marriages outside the community were restricted earlier, today, with higher education, employment, economic improvement and urbanisation, inter community marriages have gradually gained acceptance in the Marwari community. People are moving towards urbanisation and social reforms. They are getting out of their prejudices, and inter community marriages are being accepted.
In the Marwari community, modern and independent individuals look for compatibility more than community. Communication, trust and commitment are the key parameters for marriages among educated individuals, rather than caste, community, race and religion. Inter religious and interracial marriages are also common among the younger generation today. However, they still have to undergo societal pressures.


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