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Kumbhalgarh’s Artistic Recitals
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Kumbhalgarh’s Artistic Recitals

Dec 5, 2019

The mighty Kumbhalgarh needs no introduction when it comes to the marvellous architecture and regalia. The history of the fort is as expansive as the walls of the fort( which account to be the second-largest in the world). The fort was built by the legendary Rana Kumbha and thus named after the warrior king.

Rajasthan’s authentic culture is fabled across the world offering an endless cuisine of vibrancy, colour and zest that will leave you wanting for more. To celebrate the artists and their unique art forms and to commemorate Rana Kumbha’s contribution to the building of this unique culture, Rajasthan Tourism organizes the Kumbhalgarh Festival every year.

This year the fort witnessed the festival from the 1st to the 3rd of December gathering crowds across seas marking the entire event as a grand success. The festival was divided into two parts- the day saw locals taking over the platforms with a vast display of jewellery, regional attires, handicrafts and everything authentic, artsy and aesthetic.

Local dance forms also took over the grounds as the crowds pulsated with the beats, shaking a leg or two with the artists creating a whiff of enthusiasm. A few competitions amongst the locals and visitors also saw energetic participation such as Pagadi Bandho (Tying the turban), Mehendi Mandana (henna applying), Tug of war and musical chair to name a few.

The 3-day festival brought out strings of music and dance on the historic backdrop etching an exquisite experience in the hearts of the visitors. Kalbeliyas, Langas, Terahtaali, Kachi Ghodi and Odissi dancers enthral the audience   The famous age-old puppet show also garnered a huge round of applause. The first day saw dancers of the Kathak Nritya Academy, Jaipur presenting a classical piece while the second night witnessed the soulful tunes by Pt. Salil Bhatt in a desert Storm Folk Ensemble.

As the day passed the setting sun offered marvellous views, the skies in symphony with the flow of the festival. The Kumbhalgarh shone brighter than ever in the dark as it gleamed with lights. The evening showed a different side of the fort with a light and music show which kept the visitors fascinated with sparkles in their eyes. The festival came to an end with Gazi Khan Barna performing his folk renditions soothing the audience with his tunes.

In and all, the Kumbhalgarh festival saw a burst of cultural renditions and a one-of-a-kind experience to cherish for until the next year.

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