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Meet Dr Suresh Surana, the founder of RSM India—the largest first-generation, home-grown accounting and consulting group in the country.

Financial crime is a global menace. San Francisco based startup Unit21, co-founded by Trisha Kothari, now helps risk and compliance teams fight financial crime

The Baker’s Dozen, founded by Sneh Jain and Aditi Handa, believes in using local produce to make fabulous products.

In a country where five lakh people die every year simply waiting for an organ transplant, busting myths about organ donation is serious business.

Pioneering lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur, social influencer, TV host, author, professional dancer, Malini Agarwal’s many accomplishments are nothing…

Snapshots are passé, and personalised prewedding photo shoots, aesthetically shot candid photography, fun trailers and beautiful films documenting


Meet Vaishali Neotia, the co-founder of Merxius, which has become a leading player in the industry that offers augmented, mixed and virtual reality products

Given the ongoing pandemic, the big fat Indian wedding is not what it used to be. Amidst the many dos and don’ts, MARWAR talks to four Jaipur-based

In our times, when issues like environmental pollution, climate change and sustainable practices have had the entire world huddled together for solutions,

Online tutoring has the potential to make learning more accessible, flexible and personalised for students, as the founders of Vedantu were quick to learn and

Forty years ago, BMW shied away from making an M Performance version of the first 8 Series luxury grand tourer. But this time around, they’ve decided to

Through his novels, entrepreneur-cum-author Manoj V Jain delves into the yearnings of the human soul, its intricacies and how human relationships are

The story of the plight of migrant workers is not new, who head for the city for work, where they are often exploited or denied of their rights and dues.

Graves are meant to mark the end of one’s earthly journey. For Padma Shri Gulabo Sapera, it ironically marked the beginning.