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Wedding Wows

Wedding Wows

Sep 14, 2017

Each year brings with it new ideas on how to put together a perfect wedding. While some trends can be over the top, others are a great way to add an element of personal touch to the celebrations. We bring you the top trends for the 2017 wedding season.

Saroj Jalan_Picture Reference for WeddingDare to wear
The bridal trousseau has undergone major changes in the past few years to reflect the modern sensibility of today’s woman. New-age brides are on the lookout for stylish statement pieces with experimental cuts rather than predictable looks. Also, the whole destination wedding culture has changed the way designers are designing. “Trails, cold shoulders, stylishly curated pieces with asymmetrical blouses with no embroidery which are paired with heavily embroidered lehengas, prints and unconventional colours such as pastel greys, ice blues, lavenders and corals are the ongoing trends,” says designer Pooja Shroff. Designer Saroj Jalan suggests opting for multi-coloured attires in soft silks and velvets for bridal functions. She says, “Shararas and gowns in olive green, off-white, pastel pink and peach add an element of grace and go with the event.” Brides who are looking for something different can opt for darker colours such as midnight blue or a two-tone bottle green on velvets.

Accessories must complement the outfit, not overpower the look. “Uncuts make for beautiful adornments for almost all bridal looks. If you’re not comfortable wearing high heels, then wearing a jacket will help you look a couple of inches taller,” says Monica Shah of JADE.

The general consensus is that 2017 is all about easy experimentation with silhouettes and colour palettes. Ruchi Roongta and Rashi Agarwal, founders of Ruceru, sum it up by explaining how brides are shifting their preferences from the staple reds and oranges to more colour explorations and surface technique play. They say, “They are increasingly opting for off-beat silhouettes with a traditional flavour, such as teaming jackets with lehengas, crops with skirts, weave exploration with minimalism and placement work, asymmetrical hemlines and sheer layers. Minute detailing such as tassels and rough edges adds the oomph factor to all garments.”

Desi Lantern_ Indi Chic_1Setting it right
An Indian wedding has numerous functions and rituals, so diverse wedding décor and thematic planning can do the trick in helping distinguish one from the other. These days, grand décor themes ensure that each couple has a fairy-tale wedding. Though this may seem easy, acknowledging and implementing the tastes of the bride and groom and their families is important, as also is the need to create a memorable experience for the guests present. Priti Agarwalla and Sunaina Agarwal, founders of Desi Lantern, elucidate on the trends of 2017.

They says, “Everyone has had the chance to visit and enjoy a carnival or fair. From kites to bangles, umbrellas and kettles to rickshaws, puppets and 3D pinwheel installations, the Indi-chic theme has everything that one can dream of. Deck up a scooter, revamp a motorbike or have a bar atop a demi-truck—a mela theme offers ample options to jazz up and be quirky.”

On the other hand, vintage décor brings to mind soft pastel colours such as English rose pink, sea green and tiffany blue, and a dreamy old-world look through the use of distressed panels, doors and windows, drawer chests or consoles, floral prints and pearls, among others. This look can easily be tweaked to suit any occasion or function and is considered an elegant option for both day and evening functions. Another option is to ‘say it with flowers’. Stunning floral decorations can make a space come alive and add a touch of unparalleled sophistication and sublimity to the ambience. Flowers can be used to depict murals, installations and even scenery. One can even use flowers to make floral chandeliers and floral ceilings that create a lasting impression.

Desi Lantern_Vintage 2On the plate
Food is an integral part of the big, fat Indian wedding. It plays a huge role in determining how guests will talk about D-Day and the ceremonies leading up to it. Alisha Shirodkar Aggarwal, the marketing director at Tamarind Global, picks trends that are on the menu this year.

Small, niche cuisine is in. So, opt for shrimp and artichoke lollipops, cocktail idlis, mini dosas stuffed with haloumi cheese, caviar crackers, lobster rolls, Indian meatballs with coconut curry, taco chaat and more.

Indians are travelling abroad more often, thus familiarising themselves with new and premium tastes. So, artisanal cheese such as Burrata from Puglia, Truffle and Mushroom bars, and even black radish are slowly making their way to food counters at high-profile weddings. The dessert menu has given way to dessert bars, which are all the rage. Swiss luxury chocolates such as Confiserie Sprüngli and Läderach, cold stone ice cream and vintage strawberry stations tempt guests alongside Rasmalai with Strawberry Compote and Motichoor Cheesecake.

Lastly, gone are the days when people shied away from serving drinks at an Indian wedding. These days, weddings have personalised bars with quirky names. Couples are also naming shots after their family members, and interesting displays and innovative cocktails are all part of this bar ensemble.

Wear the look
Every bride wants to look nothing less than a star on her big day. Moreover, she aims to capture it all in memories through professional photo shoots. These images eventually make their way to social media sites. So, the right make-up and styling is a must. “These days, brides obsessively plan every single detail and expect professional standards in all spheres. When it comes to D-Day, they leave no stone unturned to get the trendiest look that would leave the groom and his baraatis spellbound,” says Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Chief Business Officer-Wellness Services, VLCC.

To this end, the ‘Absolute Classic Anti-Gravity’ look is gaining popularity in 2017. The look recreates the charm of 1960s and entails high cheekbones with upward turned eyeliner to make one look younger. Alternatively, in this Snapchat and Instagram age, where filters help one achieve flawless-looking skin, the ‘Satin Finish’ look is the way to go. But another major emerging trend is the jewel toned make-up. This season, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are not just for your jewellery, but also a trend in make-up. Play with metallic shades and throw the bling in for that extra pop of colour.

Lastly, don’t forget the nails. Traditional brides stick to pale or nude colours. It looks classic and stands out because it is clean and polished. Bolder brides opt for red or pink. French manicures are also becoming popular. Amyn Manji, director, Nailspa Experience, says, “Glitter is becoming a real trend. A glitter tip in gold or silver, a glitter halfway or a moon with a nude or a beige-coloured nail can add a dash of fun to the wedding look. You can choose from gold/silver as per what complements your lehenga. To add a little bling, one can add Swarovski diamonds.”

On the surface
Every bride must take immense care of her hands and feet. One needs to start regular manicure and pedicure sessions at least three months in advance to get rid of tan lines and blisters, if any. Home remedies for strengthening nails include soaking them in olive oil or lemon juice.
And if you thought that you would have to starve yourself to lose weight, then dietician and nutritionist Manisha Mehta is out to prove you wrong. “Lack of protein will only make you look dull. Instead, you need to know what food is good for your body and what can help you lose weight faster.”

The first thing to do is drink plenty of water. It flushes out all the toxins from your body leaving you with glowing skin, lustrous hair and a healthy body. Water also helps keep your metabolism up. Also, try to eat small meals every two-three hours. Mehta says, “All you need to do is plan your day smartly and make sure you carry your meals with you wherever you go. This could help you avoid junk food when you are out.”

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