About Marwar

The Marwaris have historically been known for their enterprise and resilience. Hailing from an arid, inhospitable land, the Marwaris earned a reputation for their consistent commercial success, which became so legendary that the term Marwari grew to be synonymous with the entire mercantile class of Rajasthan.

The Marwari community has, over the ages, also steadfastly built on its past strengths and continued to gain recognition for its achievements in the arena of business, leveraging their business acumen to set up global enterprises beyond the borders of Rajasthan and India.


Latest Posts


“JITO Angel Network is one of the largest and fastest growing angel investment networks in the country that aims to provide a new asset class to traditional Marwari Jain investors: start-ups.


“We saw that people did not have access to basic services like health care, banking and education due to no Internet connectivity. Also, the prevalence of multiple dialects and lack of English literacy amongst them meant that they did not know how to use the Internet since everything on this global computer network was in English.”


Keen to address the water scarcity issue of what once used to be the home of their forefathers, the Dalmia family decided to set up a non-government, non-political and non-profit organisation.


“To be successful, one must always be flexible and pay close attention to market trends that can quickly create or destroy relevance. One must always be willing to quickly change course to capture new opportunities from trends.”


With their exceptional entrepreneurial and financial acumen and their single-minded pursuit of success, Marwaris today have virtually conquered every sphere of Indian industry, and many have gone beyond to make their presence increasingly felt in the global forum.


Remembering these committed, dauntless founding fathers of Indian enterprise and their immense contribution to national growth, MARWAR has been featuring the most outstanding among them through a series of tribute stories


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