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Tribute To Titans

Sometimes admired, sometimes reviled, the law profession and its practitioners elicit mixed responses from the public at large. Yet there are those within the law fraternity who owe their success to a reputation woven together through decades of cutting-edge practice and quality services that go beyond client expectations. A glowing example is the Kolkata-based Khaitan & Co, a century-old law firm, to whose illustrious founding fathers we pay this tribute.

From managing a slew of mills to owning them and then metamorphosing into some of the greatest entrepreneurs that the country had seen, brothers …

Few industrialists inspire as much respect and awe as do Juggilal and Kamlapat Singhania, whose indomitable will and patriotic zeal saw them meet every challenge to set up the iconic Juggilal-Kamlapat Cotton Spinning & Weaving Mills in 1921 that was to lay the foundations of the mammoth JK Organisation which still remains one of the largest names of Indian industry. MARWAR dedicates this tribute to the father-son duo, who continue to be celebrated as its larger-than-life architects.

It was a twist of fate that launched Ramkrishna Dalmia on the road to success, glory and fame, and it was again the hand of destiny that left him with fragments of the massive industrial empire he had built from nothing. In between all this lies the saga of a financial and entrepreneurial genius whose drive, courage and extraordinary business acumen merits the tribute we pay him.

At a time when most industrialists were wont to toe the British line, Jamnalal Bajaj stood out with his active participation in the freedom struggle notwithstanding repeated incarcerations. MARWAR pays tribute to the indefatigable social reformer, patriot, freedom fighter and industrialist whose life and legacy continue to inspire even today.

A burning passion for all that he held dear, an intense sense of purpose, a firebrand patriot, an indefatigable warrior—these are traits that best characterise Ramnath Goenka, the architect of the Indian Express Group, who was loathed and respected in equal measure by the high and mighty among whom he lived and strode with pride and courage. This essay is in tribute to the unforgettable baron of the fourth estate whose life was as much an enigma as a celebration of patriotism, freedom of speech, raw courage and a never-say-die spirit.

A patriot, a philanthropist and a tireless industrialist committed to achieving unremitting growth, Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi was the chief architect of the huge Modi group of companies that had a telling impact on the growth of India’s commerce and industry in the pre and post-Independence years. Honoured with the Padma Bhushan in 1968, his vision and dedication to national growth has few parallels. We pay a tribute to the great man whose many contributions continue to be felt a good part of a century later.

Mumbai owes much of its transformational journey to the cotton merchants who reigned over the city’s flourishing cotton industry from the mid-nineteenth century to the late twentieth century. Among the most illustrious of them was cotton baron Ramnarain Ruia, the founding father of a business empire that survives till today. Sadly, in spite of his enormous contributions, there is little that we collectively remember of him, let alone pay him the tribute he deserves.

The extraordinary growth and fall of the legendary Jagat Sheths of Murshidabad in Bengal

A Marwari firm which stayed put in the inhospitable Thar and achieved much entrepreneurial success was Rai Bahadur Bansilal Abirchand, whose greatest architect, Sir Kasturchand Daga, deserves nothing short of a glowing tribute.