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Economist-turned-painter Nayanaa Kanodia’s journey is a story of talent, passion and vision. Having portrayed India’s culture—past and present—as no one has done before on such a huge time frame, her work is a visual record for generations to come. We interacted with the self-taught artist to learn more about her remarkable journey.

Think of a company that organises official match tickets, flight tickets, luxury accommodation, exciting sightseeing tours, unique fan engagement opportunities and a host of other bespoke travel services for some of the world’s greatest sporting events. Meet Raghav Gupta, the founder of Fanatic Sports—a company that makes it all possible for you.

A woman of many talents, Priti Rathi Gupta is an award-winning business leader, the founder of a film company and a film producer as well. Passionate about the cause of financial freedom for women, she epitomises the modern-day woman and women’s empowerment and remains strongly rooted to her family.

Sanjay Budhia’s decisions in business have all been driven by dedication, discipline and willpower. The managing director of Patton International Limited, a leader in the field of plastic tanks, containers and PVC pipes, he has achieved a lot, both in the boardroom and beyond, to make for a larger-than- life success story.

“We saw that people did not have access to basic services like health care, banking and education due to no Internet connectivity. Also, the prevalence of multiple dialects and lack of English literacy amongst them meant that they did not know how to use the Internet since everything on this global computer network was in English.”

Keen to address the water scarcity issue of what once used to be the home of their forefathers, the Dalmia family decided to set up a non-government, non-political and non-profit organisation.

le JAHAN’s brand philosophy is to produce quality products that are innovative and have a design sense that exudes luxury.


I found that the five Prophets in the two traditions lived at the same time, at the same places, had similar genealogies and also similar events. They had to be the same persons in view of these similarities.

Coming from a family with a rich business legacy, Aayush Agrawal, the 29-year-old director of Lenexis FoodWorks, has been well acquainted with the tricks of the trade. In conversation with MARWAR, he talks about his company’s flagship F&B venture called Wok Express, the challenges faced along the way, and plans for the future.

For Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni, there is no business like show business. Armed with little else except a passion for cinema, the cousins have scripted an incredible journey of success, acclaim and fame