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In his debut novel Harp, Gun Nidhi Dalmia offers a glimpse into the bygone era of the sixties, revisiting the idealism, music and culture of a generation, who, like him, believed that the good times would never end.


Artist-cum-sculptor Manjari Goenka’s creations are simple yet decorative. Her works exemplify the artistic fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. Inspired by human expression and spirituality, Goenka transforms her ideas into semi-realistic forms in bronze, wood, fibre glass and cement. MARWAR presents a collection of some of the artist’s best works.

Catering to Changing Palates

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For Pooja Singhal, the 41-year-old art enthusiast, and director of Ruh, a womenswear brand, her money is where her heart is. In conversation with MARWAR, she talks about her tryst with the Pichwai art form of Nathdwara and how she is determined to not let it disappear from contemporary vocabulary anytime soon.


Born into a family of distinguished artists, painting came naturally to Pratik Sharma. However, inspired by eminent pop artist Andy Warhol, Sharma moved away from traditional themes and took to painting automobiles with intricate details. MARWAR presents a collection of some of the artist’s best works.

The story of Padma Shri Awardee Bimla Poddar is a classic case of woman proposing and God disposing. She may have made plans to spend her advanced years quietly on the banks of the Ganges in the holy town of Kashi, but Baba Vishwanath, she explains, had other plans for her.

For the last five years, food connoisseurs in Mumbai have sat back and watched the culinary spread in and interiors of the city’s restaurants evolve to sophistication. We spoke to Marwari restaurateurs in Mumbai to decode their restaurants’ emphasis on creativity and innovation.

Vipassana, first practised by the Buddha, was revived by industrialist-turned-vipassana-teacher Satya Narayan Goenka. This ancient Indian science helps fight negativity.


MARWAR presents a collection of artist Kiran Soni Gupta’s best paintings, which encapsulate the harmonious contrasts that characterise our diverse culture.

As the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) teamsup with the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, to digitalise a number of Rajasthani museums, MARWAR delves into the finer workings of the association, with insights from curator Dr Madhuvanti Ghose.