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Steered by his vision and a quest to make it big in life, Tarang Jain took a train out of the ‘City of Dreams’ to set up the Varroc Group in Aurangabad in 1990. In what started as an automotive parts supply business, the Varroc Group has since grown both organically and inorganically to establish itself as a global automotive component behemoth that has clocked sales of Rs 10,300 crore in FY 16-17.

The Tainwala Group, founded by Dr Ramesh Tainwala, has prospered and diversified into many segments over time. Dr Tainwala himself heads Samsonite as its …

At a time when even blood no longer ties a family together, Radhe Shyam Agarwal and Radhe Shyam Goenka’s long-standing friendship has defied the …


An honest approach, awareness of untapped verticals, a knack to sell and the desire to become successful—these qualities make Narendra and Keshav Bansal an …

  Greenlam Industries Limited, which boasts a consolidated net revenue of R1,030 crore from operations in FY16, was formed when Greenply Industries demerged in …

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, often compared to Warren Buffett, is one of India’s biggest and most successful traders and investors, with a net worth of $1.95 billion.
A proud Marwari and a family man, Jhunjhunwala has pledged to give Rs. 5,000 crore or 25 per cent of his portfolio value, whichever is less, to charity when he turns 60 in 2020. MARWAR meets the man to learn more about his life and work

When Dilip Piramal, the executive chairman of VIP Industries Ltd, took over the business in 1973, the sales figure was R50 lakh. Under his able leadership, the company became the market leader with the current market capital being R1,500 crore. We meet Dilip, who is also the president of Indian Merchants’ Chamber, and wife Shalini Piramal, the president of Indian Merchants’ Chamber Ladies Wing, to know more about their work and life together.

Dr Desh Bandhu Gupta, founder of Lupin Limited, ranks #14 among India’s richest. However, rankings don’t mean much to Dr Gupta, who, now 78, believes in the ‘dharma of karma’ and is ever ready to take up new projects and social causes that come his way. MARWAR talks to the deeply spiritual man, who started his business with just `5,000.

Weddings in India tend to be elaborate, long-drawn and feisty, but most pale in comparison to Marwari weddings, which are not just big and fat but fabulously so. When there is a wedding in a Marwari household, preparations start months ahead and the entire clan descends for the much-awaited occasion well in advance. The string of rituals and unbridled festivity that follow have to be seen to be believed. MARWAR deconstructs the many ceremonies, traditions and rituals that make up the fabled Marwari wedding.

Among Marwari entrepreneurs, while there are those whose claim to fame is a family business augmented successively over several generations, there are others who
have had nothing to start with except a dream. But sometimes a dream can be worth a million dollars, as it has been with realtor Sushil Mantri of Mantri Developers. Having delivered no less than 6,000 homes and a string of commercial spaces, all within a short span of 13 years, his company’s growth trajectory has been extraordinary.