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In A Man from Mandu, author Manoj V Jain takes the reader into the world of god-men and devotees, faith and money. The plot …

Kolkata has been the subject of many books. While countless works dwell on the historical and cultural aspects of the city, few really evoke …

Revolutionary inventions like the wheel, electricity and light bulb, right up to innovations in telephony, computers and the Internet have brought about a radical …

A true Gandhian, a staunch nationalist, a social reformer and Padma Vibhushan awardee, Jankidevi Bajaj worked tirelessly to overcome societal evils and contributed immensely …

An abandoned village, a lost tribe, a scheming minister and his unhappy wife—The Legend of Kuldhara, by Malathi Ramachandran, is a tale lost in time. Set in the gleaming deserts of Rajasthan, this historical novel interweaves three parallel tales to create a beautifully patterned story, just like a carpet that would have adorned the courts of the Rawals, the family that ruled Jaisalmer for centuries.

The book respects the intelligence of children, encouraging them to dive right into the complex nature of the story with its twists and turns.

Giles Tillotson and Mrinalini Venkateswaran, the editors of Painting & Photography at the Jaipur Court, take readers on an artistic journey spanning two centuries in this coffee-table book, the fourth in a series of well-researched publications showcasing the collections at Jaipur’s Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum.

In ‘Jaipur Quilts’, Krystyna Holmstrom transports the reader to the quaint
by-lanes of the Pink City, offering a glimpse at the genesis of Jaipur’s quilts and the art of quilt making.

Since time immemorial, Rajasthan has been synonymous with rich heritage, traditions and colourful festivities. Vibhuti Sachdev outlines the various rituals and practices and how they continue to be an integral part of Jaipur and its people in her coffee-table book Festivals At The Jaipur Court.


Vikaas Gutgutia’s Soulebration, a hardback featuring a beautiful array of wedding decor concepts, will leave you spellbound. Ferns n Petals, the event company, uses flowers to create elaborate sets of splendour and their professional expertise has been captured in this coffee-table book. The reader is left with no doubt that when it comes to wedding designs, FNP is among the very best in the country.