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A Sabysachi bride looks like she’s ready to conquer this world. His dreamy and breathtaking lehngas are a must have if you want to look like a modern-day princess on your wedding day.

Carrying a lavish architectural heritage is the vibrant, unique and colourful state of Rajasthan.

Getting married in a palace like royalty is no longer a dream you can’t achieve.

The state of Rajasthan offers a perfect blend of scenic splendour with exciting encounters in the wild.


In this first-person account, Siddharth Kasliwal of Jaipur’s historic Gem Palace talks about the family’s enduring attachment with the city, the 200-year-old Kasliwal business legacy, the brand’s emphasis on imperial Mughal designs, the Marwari business model, philanthropy, vegetarianism and much more.


A preview of au courant offerings from the world of luxury

MARWAR brings you snatches of recent and important events.