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As a young girl, Manju Lodha saw her father persevere to build his company. She also learnt the importance of social service from him and her mother.


Athang Jain was introduced to the world of business quite early in life. Those years were spent around his grandfather, the late Bhavarlal Jain, …


A vegetarian owning prawn hatcheries might sound like a contradiction in terms, but Kamlesh Gupta, a vegetarian, and his successful frozen food business have been happily sailing in the same boat. We bring you the story of how the WestCoast Group and the man behind it has revolutionised the frozen food industry, underscoring the adage that all you need to do to make your venture successful is steadfastly believe in it.


From exchanging wedding vows on serene beaches or in the middle of turquoise seas to illuminating monumental mansions that glimmer like a bejewelled adornment of the bride, Marwari weddings have undergone a sea change. MARWAR brings you luxurious wedding destinations that help you transform your wedding into a truly fairy tale affair.


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