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A woman of many talents, Priti Rathi Gupta is an award-winning business leader, the founder of a film company and a film producer as well. Passionate about the cause of financial freedom for women, she epitomises the modern-day woman and women’s empowerment and remains strongly rooted to her family.

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Once an indispensable part of the Marwari community, the joint family structure not only served as a binding force that promoted unity and division of labour, but also as a formidable set-up that worked towards common goals and objectives, contributing greatly to the overall success of Marwaris as a business community. The joint family concept has, however, lost some ground over the decades, and today nuclear families are not uncommon. Is this change likely to adversely affect Marwaris as a business community? MARWAR finds out from eminent members of the community.

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“JITO Angel Network is one of the largest and fastest growing angel investment networks in the country that aims to provide a new asset class to traditional Marwari Jain investors: start-ups.

“To be successful, one must always be flexible and pay close attention to market trends that can quickly create or destroy relevance. One must always be willing to quickly change course to capture new opportunities from trends.”

With their exceptional entrepreneurial and financial acumen and their single-minded pursuit of success, Marwaris today have virtually conquered every sphere of Indian industry, and many have gone beyond to make their presence increasingly felt in the global forum.

“I believe that chess has made me think dynamically and it has opened new platforms for me. I have been able to do a lot of different things since.”


I found that the five Prophets in the two traditions lived at the same time, at the same places, had similar genealogies and also similar events. They had to be the same persons in view of these similarities.