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Mayank Jalan has learnt chiefly from his mistakes, as he admits. But having restored Edward Keventer’s Eastern India business to its former glory and having turned his company, Keventer Agro Limited into a R1,000 crore entity, starting from scratch, Jalan has proved that learning from mistakes sometimes is a better way to learn.

Few scions are gifted with the mettle and resourcefulness to change their family legacy and create their own business empires through innovation and enterprise, as has been demonstrated by Harshavardhan Neotia. The architect of the enormous realty business that defines the R1,500 crore Kolkata-based Ambuja Neotia Group in its present avatar, here is a man who literally has changed the way the city lives and conducts business, not to mention his numerous contributions to the social, cultural and economic fabric of society.

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Mahesh Singhi’s story is inspiring. From humble beginnings in Rajasthan to acquiring an engineering degree to propelling through a series of career choices to building one of the country’s largest corporate advisory and investment banking firms, here is a man who truly is self-made.

Industrialist Mahavirprasad Ramkumar Morarka’s life is both inspiring and motivating. On his centenary, son Kamal Morarka reminisces about the many facets of the man that made him a pioneering industrialist, a litterateur, a writer, a traditionalist and, most of all, a cherished father

He, who opens a school, shuts the door to ignorance and a world devoid of knowledge. Education is not just about how to read and write, but, more importantly, about how to ignite young minds to grow into respectable and responsible world citizens. As part of the Birla clan, veteran industrialist-turned-educationist and philanthropist Sudarshan Kumar Birla, who currently manages the affairs of Birla Education Trust, Pilani, talks about the vision of the Birla family which set out to establish schools and colleges of excellence as early as 1901.

Must-haves from some of the world’s most sought-after labels.