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Forty years ago, BMW shied away from making an M Performance version of the first 8 Series luxury grand tourer. But this time around, they’ve decided to

Fast German sedans with AMG badging aren’t new. Mercedes-Benz has been making them since the late ’70s, only to be completely absorbed into Daimler …

A common man’s utility vehicle: This is how the Rover Company envisioned the Series I, II and III Land Rovers after the Second World …

If you had to take the silence of your reading room, the relaxation of a wellness spa and keen eyesight (for attention to detail) …

In India, the luxury segment today stands shoulder-to-shoulder with international markets, which is a good sign

Downsizing means that you are generally left with a product that is lesser than its previous iteration, in terms of performance and the overall experience it delivers. The Jaguar F-Type has recently been victim to this phenomenon, where instead of a six- or eight-cylinder engine, the range starts with a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged engine. But is that really a bad thing? Let’s find out.

When a hard core sports car maker decides to make cars that can go off tarmac, there can be many things that could go wrong. We find out if Porsche’s latest compact SUV, the Macan S Diesel, can justify the badge it carries.