About Marwar

The Marwaris have historically been known for their enterprise and resilience. Hailing from an arid, inhospitable land, the Marwaris earned a reputation for their consistent commercial success, which became so legendary that the term Marwari grew to be synonymous with the entire mercantile class of Rajasthan.

The Marwari community has, over the ages, also steadfastly built on its past strengths and continued to gain recognition for its achievements in the arena of business, leveraging their business acumen to set up global enterprises beyond the borders of Rajasthan and India.


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The essence of Pansari’s designs is ‘a traditional twist, which is finely balanced with global sensibilities’.


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Today’s Marwari luxury buyers are driven by classic characteristics of luxury such as rarity, quality, craftsmanship, technology and aesthetics.



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With more than a million users and presence in more than 140 countries, unlisted accounting software behemoth Tally Solutions counts among the world’s most used business softwares.


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